Mark Knowles
Executive Editor
With over a decade of experience as a journalist and editor, Mark has now turned his focus to the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution that is currently reshaping the global economy. Mark is dedicated to establishing Coinlaw as the global hub for legal news, legislative developments and expert opinion from across the crypto industry.
Maciek Klimowicz
Managing Editor
A seasoned writer and editor with 10 years of experience in a variety of print and online media. Recognizing the transformative potential of the blockchain technology, Maciek has now put his pen to work to explore the key issues of this fast-evolving sector.
Matthieu Bonnici
Co-Founder/Chief Legal Officer
Matthieu brings over 12 years of legal experience advising a diverse range of companies on investing and operating in Asia. His core practice covered mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and foreign direct investments. Now, as Chief Legal Officer of Coinlaw, he counsels clients on crypto-projects across multiple jurisdictions.
Richard Foster
General Manager
Founded and raised funding for a financially regulated payments company. Twelve years’ experience as a Cisco CCIE network architect in finance. Founder and CEO of blockchain talent site, and Security Token Network.
Brooks Rao
Head of Research
Research analyst with a background in venture capital and financial services. Co-founder of Security Token Network and previously Head of ICO at $500m fund SOSV.
Bertrand THEAUD
Co-Founder/Partnership Development
Having practiced law for 15+ years as a partner in international law firms in Asia, Bertrand’s entrepreneurial nature, and interest in blockchain and crptoassets, led him to co-found Coinlaw with the goal of creating the leading online news portal for regulatory, legal and tax aspects of the crypto industry.
Vladimir Popov
Head of Marketing
Head of Marketing at DREAM. Five years’ experience as a growth hacker and marketing specialist. Expert in digital advertising, Google AdWords and Analytics, social media and SEM marketing. Led multiple successful B2B marketing campaigns.
Kate Tulyakova
Content Manager
Graphic designer, illustrator and UI/EX expert for Coinlaw and Security Token Network.
Taras Korostylov
Community Management
More than three years of blockchain community management and a strong background in the blockchain space. Five years working in technical support departments for fintech companies in senior and team lead roles.

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