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Singapore-Based Crypto Exchange Huobi Group Reveals Global Expansion Plans

October 25, 2018 by Ashley MAO
Huobi MENA co-founder Mohit Davar on stage at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai earlier this week.
Huobi MENA co-founder Mohit Davar on stage at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai earlier this week.

At the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai this week Huobi MENA co-founder Mohit Davar revealed details of Huobi Global’s plans to expand into the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia markets.

“We are very excited to bring the Huobi blockchain and digital asset ecosystem to the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. As Dubai is leading the blockchain effort in the region, it made sense for us to set up our Regional Head Office here,” said Davar.

Davar announced that the Singapore-based digital assets exchange has established a Dubai-based operations team to cover the three regions with the aim of replicating its successful eco-system model.

In total, this will include OTC trading, token-to-token trading, blockchain projects incubation, community development, and an educational centre. Token-to-token and OTC trading are already live via a beta version. The end goal will be to provide safe and reliable digital asset trading services for millions of regional users in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Huobi MENA is in the process of establishing partnerships with regional players, starting with AI Traders, an artificial intelligence digital asset trading solutions company. Discussions are in place currently for partnerships with other big names in the blockchain industry with the objective of offering regional traders a safer, faster and more convenient trading experience.

The World Blockchain Summit, held in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is billed as one of the most influential summits in the region with over 1,000 participants.

Huobi Group was established in 2013 and its accumulative turnover, derived from providing various cryptocurrency trading and asset management services to millions of users in 130+ countries, exceeds $1 trillion.

Ashley MAO, Coinlaw

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