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18 January 2019


Security Token Network Releases Definitive Guide to Pitching Your STO

Leading STO research and consulting company Security Token Network (STN) has this week launched an industry first – the WhiteDeck – a comprehensive guide for developing, pitching and fundraising a Security Token Offering.

Mark Knowles, Coinlaw

11 January 2019


Security Tokens the Next Step for Regulated Crypto Exchanges

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are innovative in the sense that they are mitigating a number of known issues with traditional securities trading due to the transparency of the digital ledger technologies.

Dave Pulis, ZBX


LCOs Are The Future For Crypto

The Listed Company Coin Offering is an idea whose time has come. For the cryptocurrency industry, with ICOs bedevilled by regulatory wrangling across the globe, the LCO could provide a new source of stable growth.

Andrew Rosenbaum,

11 October 2018


Who’s going to write ‘smart contracts’ – the lawyer or the programmer?

  I have often come across the tired joke about lawyers not being “good at numbers” unless it’s to do with their fees. My experience is that this joke has substance. In general, lawyers see themselves as masters of the written or spoken word and not as people whose job it is to deal with … Continue reading Who’s going to write ‘smart contracts’ – the lawyer or the programmer?

Jacob Enoch, Firon

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