Huge Crypto Summit Set To Cement Malta’s ‘Blockchain Island’ Reputation

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The Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1-2, 2018, coinciding with the coming-in-to-force of the country blockchain-friendly legislation, has it sights set on establishing the country's cypto-hotspot credentials. Photo: PXHere.

Malta has been stealing the headlines within the DLT and cryptoasset space for the better part of 2018, and since announcing its groundbreaking DLT regulation, the small Mediterranean island has surged to the front in the race to become the leading global crypto hotspot.

The decisions of Binance, OKEx, and ZBX to set up operations for their crypto exchanges in Malta has further reinforced Malta’s position.

At this point, the pace at which new companies are inquiring into the possibilities of relocating to the island has grown beyond everyone’s expectation and service providers in Malta have been quick to react and cater to the growing demand.

The Delta Summit, to be held October 3-5, is the next milestone coming up on the horizon. The Delta Summit is known as the official blockchain event of the Maltese government, due to its strong government support and aspiration to serve as a platform for exhibiting the forward-looking regulatory efforts of the Maltese government within this sector.

Not to be outdone, the private sector in Malta is organizing an even larger event to assemble key players in the DLT space: The Malta Blockchain Summit. With an anticipated 5000 delegates, 300 exhibitors and 150 speakers, the Malta Blockchain Summit is expected to become a landmark event for the sector for many years to come.

The expo floor plan of the Malta Blockchain Summit has already sold out months in advance of the event. The summit will be headed by Eman Pulis, famous for having built Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) from scratch in 2014, now one of the largest events in the world for the iGaming industry, with no less than 12,000 confirmed attendees for 2018.

The Malta Blockchain Summit is comprised of four conferences: The Regulatory Conference, the Marketing and Investments Conference, the Developers and Technology Conference and the Tokenomics and Cryptocurrencies Conference. The wide-ranging coverage provided by these four conferences will ensure that there is something for everyone attending the summit, whatever their area of interest.

The summit also includes a two-day Hackathon, an ICO Pitch and fun side events such as the “Crypto Cruise in the Archipelago”. Sponsors and exhibitors are inbound from all across the globe and include leading brands such as Hosho, IOST, Bitfury, OKEx, Cubits, DQR and Revolut.

When it comes to speakers, the Malta Blockchain Summit is boasting some big names such as blockchain Co-Inventor W. Scott Stornetta, Antivirus Legend John McAfee, TechCrunch Editor Mike Butcher, Sunny Dhillon at Signia Ventures, LATTICE80-Founder Joe Seunghyun Cho.

Other key industry figures attending include Yida Gao, Felix Petersen, Hartej Sawhney, Jimmy Zhong, Damir Bandalo, Li Jiang, Miko Matsumura, Loretta Joseph, Tim Rehder, Marc P. Bernegger, Ana Trbovich, Prashant Fonseka, Gordon Einstein, Alex Lightman, Eva Kaili and Sebastian Markowsky.

Further emphasising the importance of the event, and following a process of consultation involving the Malta Financial Services Authority and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Minister Silvio Schembri has set November 1, 2018, as the official date for the coming-into-force of the Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFA) and the Innovative Technology Arrangement and Services Act (ITAS).

This date will also mark the first day of the Malta Blockchain Summit and the inauguration of the regulatory conference, making the Malta Blockchain Summit the place to go in 2018 for anyone looking to establish an early foothold in this emerging jurisdiction for blockchain and other digital ledger technologies.

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Dennis Avorin

Dennis Avorin

Dennis Avorin is a Malta-based PR & Business Development Consultant and Entrepreneur and Regional Community Leader for IOTA Ecosystem, Malta. He has a diplomatic background and publishes occasionally on topics relating to blockchain, the digital economy and entrepreneurship.

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