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Coinlaw is the only media platform dedicated to providing legal news, analysis and opinion from the global cryptoasset and blockchain sectors.

Coinlaw was founded by Bertrand Theaud and Matthieu Bonnici, both accomplished lawyers based in Hong Kong, who realised the potential of blockchain technology and cryptoassets to reshape the financial world.

Having provided legal counsel for more than a dozen crypto projects across the globe, they were increasingly dismayed by the lack of any reliable, dedicated and authoritative source of legal and regulatory news from the crypto sector.

In order to fill this gap, they founded Coinlaw with the aim of establishing a global hub for crypto-legal information. To this end, they assembled an international team of award-winning journalists, lawyers and crypto experts to provide the latest news, interviews and in-depth analysis for crypto-professionals who want to stay on top of critical developments across the global crypto sector.

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Coinlaw was devised as an open, collaborative platform to connect crypto-legal professionals across the globe, enabling them to share their expertise and to enhance their expert reputation online.

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