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While blockchain and cryptoassets are just starting to reshape the world, they have already triggered major legal challenges and will undoubtedly lead to the passing into force of new regulations in the next few years. is the only multi-jurisdiction platform dedicated to legal news and updates regarding blockchain and cryptoassets.

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The Authors was created by Bertrand Theaud & Matthieu Bonnici, lawyers passionate about blockchain and cryptoassets. We regularly act as trusted legal advisors on ICO projects (recent experience includes assisting several teams in launching their ICOs in Gibraltar, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Singapore and Hong Kong).

We offer to our clients unbiased and comparative advice as to the best jurisdictions in which to structure their ICOs, and in-depth knowledge/experience in the planning and execution of an ICOs’ legal aspects.


In addition to our legal activities, we are part of “Zero-to-ICO“, an ecosystem offering selected ICO candidates access to pre-sale financing, technical and marketing counselling.

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Whether you are a founder gearing-up for an ICO, a token-buyer or a cryptoasset trader, subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the latest legal developments impacting blockchain & cryptoassets in each and every jurisdiction